Don't Judge

My crusade to bring a story directly to readers for them to decide what they like, continues. Yes, I spent time and money on the cover and made sure the editting was top grade too. The idea is that readers get the quality they have become accustommed to, or better, while giving them the chance to enjoy something outside the 'main vein' of what gatekeepers dictate they should read.

So, you indie publish and then the fun really starts.

Before long you discover a triumvirate, of sorts, whereby the establishment publishers place books with established wholesalers who ultimately stock the shelves of established retailers, otherwise you won't ever see anything they do not want you to see.

Not to worry, the advent of the Internet and the rise of indie punlishing have collaborated to bring more diversity to the reading public. Social media provides good avertising space along with sales opportunities, but I wanted to get books into the hands of readers who, like me enjoy trauling book shops for nuggets of entertainment and escapism.

The man in the indie book shop too one look at me and literally drove me out of his shop. Authors were not welcomed. Naturally, I laughed, suely a man whose loving relied on writers did not mean such a thing. Then he took one glance at my novel and looked away disgusted. The colour drained from his face as he explained that he could tell at once it was indie published and had no place in his indie book shop. I only had to compare it to any he had on his shelves. So I did. He was right.

My partner was glowing but her high EQ prevented an incident and we bounced, heading east, grinning instead of grimacing as we recounted what had just happened. We found a humble little oasis where we enjoyed the best coffee in East Grinstead before heading home and setting it all behind us. Admittedly, we started to ponder and discuss how to make my cover look just like those on the shelf. Indeed, a tweak here and a few words there, is all that was needed.

But, was it needed? The whole point was always to be different and inspire change, the sort of change that opens doors to all writers and writing such that all readers have choice and end the strict control imposed by gatekeepers. It is for this very reason I decided to join the growing ranks of authors who have chosen this path. It is also for this reason, I chose to become an author-publisher and promote indie booksellers.

Vivre la difference. As every reader knows and every book seller ought to know, you really cannot judge a book by its cover. Oh, did I mention that the aforementioned invited me to peddle my books outside the indie store when the weather warmed up, in which case I would be expected to handover 25% of sales? No? My bad.