A daring little tale.

Crab Juice is here at last. After completing four novels: Winter Oasis, The Shamrock Key, Chasing Shadows, and AOB (Any Other Business), I challenged myself to tackle a more urban, inner-city theme. Now readers can decide whether I have succeeded or not and I am made-up at that prospect.

Never ignore annoying little things, like personal dares!

So, what started as Shangrilla Passion, an urban tale about two women who meet by chance the London club of a man determined to flatten all rivals. In all honesty, the plot only peeked out at me from behind the first character to appear, Jonelle and I set her aside to concentrate on a number of short stories and another nocel, before heeding her calls to finish what I had started. When this unlikely novel started getting more and more virtual ‘likes’ and much real attention, I was obliged to give Jonelle and the colourful characters that burst on the scene, my full attention.

Shangrilla Passion became Rahtid! which became Quest which finally became Crab Juice. Much more than simply an urban tale, Crab Juice seeks to entertain anyone who enjoys a good story, especially a cocktail based on a crime thriller with a dash of intrigue, a dollop of humour and a splash of drama. The cherry on top is provided by the reader’s own imagination as the plot plays out. The scene is South London, and the time hardks back to the morning of the Internet age, which was, surprisingly, not that long ago.

It has been a long journey to get to this point as you may glean from my blog about How It All Started and I have a long list of patient well-wishers and readers to thank, not least of my chief editor and whipcracker, Lindsay, without whom I would still be tweaking. Lindsay lead the charge of editors that include May, Nicky and Vicki, whow showed no mercy to any error, mistake. Thanks also to long suffering Robert for the many iterations of the cover art that finally simmered down to the masterpiece of a cover, and to Danny for project leading on the production was relentless in the face of deadlines. This great team have worked hard for you, dear reader . . . and me too, of course.

Crab Juice is currently available from Amazon, indie published and proud to stand in the stable of indie publishers putting great reads into the hands of discerning readers through indie book stores and libraries.